Well, Ctags/CScope + Vim is good. Plus You Complete Me is better.  But you can always try qt-creator (with VIM mode)

Normally you do not need download the complete qt to run qt-creator. There is a seperate package for qt-creator. But considered that linux LXDE is made from qt, most literary are already there, it do not take much disk space. (Btw, kernel build take 10G+ space, so why not a few hundreds MBs for qt?)
Download your version of linux kernel, create a .pro file (e.g.  linux-4.14.pro)

CONFIG -= qt
INCLUDEPATH = $$system(find -L include/ -type d)
SOURCES = $$system(find -L . -type f -iname \'*.c\')
HEADERS = $$system(find -L . -type f -iname \'*.h\')
INCLUDEPATH = include/ arch/x86/include

Well, that is it. Open the linux-4.14.pro with qt creator and it took a few minutes to index all files. After that is ready to go.

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