「我干了什么 究竟拿了时间换了什么」

Asynchronous Javascript


asyncio python

Docker storage

Python Django deployment

Session Middleware of DRF

Template and Form of DRF


Fast API

Python Fundamental

Python OOP and MetaProgramming

Whats new in python 3.10

python basic

Python Fundamental


nvim trick

dynamo and lock


Alacritty Multi session with neovim

tmux or nvimnvim terminal

Data Representation - Floating Point Numbers


Data Representation - Integer


Setup postgres debugger env with docker

debug pl/sql with docker and dbeaver

Replace fzf with vim-clap

swiss army knife for searching in vimvi-clap 简介与配置

keycode in terminal for vim&neovim

Map special keys (e.g ) in vim & nvim in terminalvi/kitty/zsh shift+fn 配置

Sharing my dotfiles(vim/kitty/zsh configuration)

vi/kitty/zsh configuration I recommendvi/kitty/zsh 配置

Kafka Sasl Client Setup

Docker network

basic instruction

Create a docker image

basic instruction

Kubernetes introduction

introduction to kubernetes

Limit container resources

Set up resource constrains容器资源限制

Build private docker registry

use docker distribution


Build your own docker

Docker storage

Docker data volume

Useful docker commands

practical docker