Limit container resources

Set up resource constrains容器资源限制

Posted by Ray on May 13, 2020

By default, a container has no resource constrains and an use as much of resource as kernel scheduler allows.

We can restraint CPU, Memory and GPU usage for docker

Memory and OOM

On Linux hosts, if the kernel detects that there is not enough memory to perform important system functions, it throws an OOME, or Out Of Memory Exception, and starts killing processes to free up memory. (Most likely a Java application :-P) Docker attempts to mitigate these risks by adjusting the OOM priority on the Docker daemon so that it is less likely to be killed than other processes on the system.

-oom-score-adj to adjust the priority --oom-kill-disable

  • -m or –memory= e.g. -m 32m
  • –memory-swap The amount of memory this container is allowed to swap to disk.
–memroy-swap -m explain
passive S passive M Container total space S, RAM: M, swap S-M, if S==M, no SWAP allocated
0 positive swap unset (same as below)
unset positive M if swap enabled in host , total swap 2*M
-1 positive M if Host enabled swap, container can use up all swap space


–cpus how may cpus can be used 0.5 half of a CPU, 1.5 one and a half CPU


docker run -it --cpus=".5" ubuntu /bin/bash